Egg Whites & Coconut Milk: a Recipe for a Good Time

James and Louie frequently come up with exciting plans that get them into heaps of trouble. That being said, George and I are usually more impressed than angry with what ridiculousness they invent in their unsupervised (Mama Bear & Papa Bear are busy with their siblings) time.

I can’t even tell you what they did this time, but I know this, it was bed time. Shenanigans occurred. They were each dealt a separate punishments. (Parenting Tip: Punishments in our house are typically chores that simply need to get done…why not benefit from their poor choices?) Louie was given dog doody duty and James was given the responsibility of changing out loads of laundry. Remember, this was in the evening and we were occupied getting the rest to bed.

When their daddy and I finished up with the bedtime routine for the other ten, we proceeded downstairs to check in on our culprits and grab a glass of wine (the mom) and a cigar (the dad) and spend some time together on the back porch in peace. James wasn’t in the laundry room and when we looked out the back door, Louie wasn’t in sight. We walked into the garage and onto the side yard to find both of them with the most guilty faces (each trying their hardest not to laugh for fear of more trouble). Louie had scaled the freezer we have in the garage to retrieve a super soaker. James grabbed the most liquid thing he could find in the fridge that we have in the garage. Yes, we have a fridge inside, a freezer and another full sized fridge in the garage. How could we not? Back to the story…James grabbed an entire carton of egg whites and a large carton of coconut milk and poured the delicious concoction into their weapon of choice.

With their admission of guilt and explanation of their crimes, we found the entire side yard sprayed with their special mixture and a puddle of pee was the icing on the cake. Hey, when you gotta go, you’ve got to go! I had to walk away for fear of busting into uncontrollable laughter. George stayed in the garage and made the two clean up their mess. We did finally end up with peace and quiet and alone time on the porch. When we knew they were asleep, we laughed together about the evening episode of our normal family life. We weren’t even mad anymore, we were impressed with their creativity and resourcefulness.

Lesson: Don’t leave Super Soakers in the same vicinity as coconut milk or egg whites.

3 thoughts on “Egg Whites & Coconut Milk: a Recipe for a Good Time”

  1. oh Kate, I may never be the same after your blog creation 🙂 Laughter is the best medicine for my stressful days and I miss the shenanigans of kids running around this house. Thanks for the giggles woman!!

    1. I am so glad to provide the laughs! I know the stress of it will pass and we will laugh again because it will now all be in writing… xoxo, Kate
      P.S. When can you and Joe come over for wine and cigars?

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