In case you missed this on our private Facebook accounts…

We are forever grateful for the incredibly generous gifts that the 3TV Surprise Squad bestowed on our family.

Special thanks to Angela DiMaggio for nominating our family for this honor.

If I’m completely honest, it was totally overwhelming for this Mama Bear. This is our normal. This is just what we were called to do. This is just God’s plan for our family. There was no need to be recognized and showered with gifts. I was in shock. I was blown away. I was emotional. I felt like so many other people deserved these things more than us. Post after post shared on Facebook about how much we “deserved” this joyful surprise. I just kept repeating that this is just us. This is our normal.

After some deep conversations with some wonderful people, I realized I needed to be gracious, accept the gifts and spoil our babies! Because of these gifts, we have been able to do more for them than we ever could before. Because of these gifts, we have some unbelievable weekends in the works that they (WE) will surely never forget. I had to remind myself that some of these precious munchkins had a rough start…had never had a birthday party…had never decorated a Christmas tree…had never been to Disneyland. It’s our job to make the memories that they missed out on early in life. The surprises were a gift. Each of these children are a gift (from God)…and they deserve all of the joy that awaits them.

Thank you Angela.
Thank you Surprise Squad.
Thank you God, You are never outdone in generosity.