Louie the Cat Burglar

Louie is going to be THE WORST cat burglar in the world. Recently, we installed some additional motion detecting cameras in the house to see if some of the “wasn’t me” would decrease and behavior would improve with all eyes on the munchkins. Literally, these cameras notify George and I on our watches and phones every single time someone walks past these little magical devices. I think the record is 1,184 notifications in one morning. Though annoying, its been so helpful! It even records clips and saves them to a library for us to review later.

So far, we have been able to see munchkins standing on top of trash cans, sword fighting with hangers, streaking in the playroom (Huddy), late night sneak arounds, and my favorite…when the kids say that the playroom is clean, I can check the camera and point out some areas of improvement.

Some of the munchkins are more aware of the cameras and keep behavior in check. Louie, however, thinks he can outsmart the cameras. I don’t know who let him watch a spy movie but he seems to have some tricks to try out.

BACK STORY: The reason we added the cameras was we found out that Louie and Huddy had snuck downstairs, scaled the pantry shelves to steal a ton of bubble gum, collected two iPads brought them back upstairs for a 3:00am dorm party. What Louie wasn’t aware of is that Hudson was recording him on one of the iPads which ended up giving us indisputable evidence to prove the committal of the aforementioned offense.

Last week, George discovered a video that the new cameras caught of Louie. Now let me just say, its super creepy but hilarious. Louie looks at EVERY camera as he walks by. He stops and stares into them as if to challenge their ability to catch such a sneaky little munchkin. In the videos, Louie looks right into one camera and the next video, Louie is seen slithering on his belly down the staircase in an attempt to slide under the radar of the camera and not be seen. Again, as I have said in other blog posts, I wasn’t even mad…I was impressed…I was entertained. Louie will learn his lesson one day. I am just hoping it doesn’t involve the need of legal counsel.

Lesson: Security cameras can provide safety and entertainment…and they see EVERYTHING!

Exhibit One

Exhibit Two