Hablamos Espanol.

Our sweet and silly Lizzie girl arrived when she was five years old and stole everyone’s heart with her kind, yet obliviously hilarious personality. Over the years, her wit has grown and her comedic timing makes me such a proud mama. She will frequently bust out with one liners that leave us all laughing our butts off! For this story, you need to know that Lizzie is one of the most honest children in our family. It just isn’t really in her nature to lie.

One of my favorite stories of sweet Lizzie Joy is when she went to the dentist for the first time. She wasn’t scared and didn’t bite the hygienists so I would call that visit a success. Our pediatric dentist(s) are friends of our family. We absolutely adore them. While we don’t mind seeing any of the fabulous doctors in their office, we typically schedule with the ones we know well…who are also amazing with our munchkins with special needs. After her check up and cleaning, I was escorted to the check out desk to schedule her next appointment. The lovely scheduler, ever so sweetly, told me that she would be scheduling Lizzie with a different dentist…one that could speak Spanish. Ummmmmm…what? Are you sure you’re talking about my daughter? She then confirmed that Lizzie had told the hygienist that she only spoke Spanish (which she explained to them in perfect English). At that time in her life, Lizzie didn’t even know that the she was of Mexican decent. Later that year, after much convincing, Lizzie accepted that she was indeed Mexican…I am still not sure what she thought her heritage was.

Needless to say, we kept her with our normal dentist and just cracked up all the way home. Nowadays, Lizzie is the first to ask for hot sauce to put on pretty much anything explaining, “It’s because I’m Mexican.”

Lesson: Always tell the hygienist what language your children speak.

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