Truth or Dare

Before we proceed, full permission to share was granted by the munchkin that you are about to read about in this jaw dropping, farthest from fool proof, plan.

It was 2:43am on Tuesday morning, and thank God it was Tuesday because tacos heal all the things, when the Arlo camera alarm woke me up. I could hear the multitude of footsteps and giggles over the high pitched blaring alarm. I tapped George on the shoulder and asked him to check on the boys…because let’s face it, I knew it wasn’t the girls. Our precious angels are usually quick to share the truth when it puts another brother in the hot seat. “J went out the window onto the roof,” shouted one brother. “JH, F, and FJ went downstairs,” exclaimed the aforementioned accused. J insisted this was false complete with a meltdown of rage…his usual mode of operations. It soon came out in detail that J climbed out of his second story window (ripping the screen) onto the tile roof and flossed…and I am not talking dental hygiene…I am talking the Fortnite dance. I cannot make this stuff up. I wish I could. Now, let me just put into perspective, James has mild spastic dyplegic cerebral palsy, which causes him to be extremely clumsy, amongst other things. This brilliant plan could have ended tragically. Thanks be to God, all parties are unharmed. Apparently, L went to school the next day sharing with his friends that his mom is turning his room into a prison. Somedays, I wish I could. J came home with a sorry note like he usually does after an episode of our family’s real life sitcom.  

I have added a copy of said note…and just for fun the surveillance video that, if you listen carefully, you can hear L giving the dare to his brother, J…oh and little brother, H was apparently trying to trick-or-treat in the brothers’ room in the middle of the night almost half way into November, wearing Christmas pajamas, no less. This is our normal. This was our morning. The wine has been poured and the tacos are on their way.

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