A Haiku: My Beats By Dre

Oh, My rose gold Beats,
You are a life saving gift,
Parenting is hard.

*Please don’t judge my need for an extra syllable.*

When I started the blog, my cousin, Katie of Sweet Rose Studio poked fun at my dinosaur of a laptop. She even looked for the floppy disk drive. In fairness, I was asking her (a blogging pro) for help. I told The Dad about the silliness of our convo about my ancient device (which, honestly, I was so fine with). The next day, I got a text from the Apple Store that my items were ready for pick up. I was very confused. As it turns out, he had ordered me a new MacBook Air that happened to come with a pair of wireless Beats by Dre as a bonus! I was so surprised and super thankful! Little did I know that that incredibly beautiful pair of rose gold headphones would save my sanity, improve my prayer life, keep my patience and temper in check…and so much more.

Being a Mama Bear of 12 is hard. I love it, but it’s hard. There are times where the screaming and whining makes me bonkers. That is when I pop on my Beats and play some praise and worship, gangsta rap, recording of the rosary (literally all 4 versions), some musicals to sing along loudly (occasionally used for discipline as I am NOT a good singer), or an interesting podcast. It is beautiful. It is calm. It is distracting. I can speak calmly to our munchkins…and I am sure quite loud (since I can’t hear myself) and keep my patience and temper in check. Real talk: I have a very short (IRISH) temper.

I will say, they are an investment. They. are. worth. every. penny. God bless you, Dr. Dre. Thanks for saving this Mama Bear’s sanity.

Lesson: Noise cancelling headphones make better mamas. You’re welcome.