Lillie & The Play Kitchen

You know those plastic play kitchens? You know, those fun items that your child’s uncle purchases to spoil her for Christmas one year when she was two…or was it three? It doesn’t matter. That exact play kitchen is still in our possession and has survived through a bazillion little (germ filled) hands.

I love Clorox Wipes & Lysol.

Let’s rewind. Lillie was about three and I had a hankering to clean…like seriously clean…the playroom. I began disinfecting every nonporous item in the play room. By the way, how many toys does one child need? **Yes, just ONE at that time.** I swear, we were preparing her for a life of hoarding back then. Anyway, lets get back to my obsessive cleaning day. I noticed there was some “dirt” in the sink of the play kitchen **thanks Uncle Patrick for this special gift**. I wiped it out with a clorox wipe and it didn’t do the trick, so I grabbed my trusty disinfectant spray and some paper towels. I made the horrible mistake of smelling the paper towel after I wiped it all out. Don’t ask me why…I smell things to know what they are. It’s a really silly thing that I do. What the heckkkkkk??????!!!!! PEE. URINE. PISS. Um, what?

Me: “Lillie, did you pee in your sink?”
Lillie: “What?”
Me: “Did you pee in your sink?????”
Lillie: “Noooooooooo! I peed in a pot and I poured it in the sink!” **said with a chubby little hand on her hip**
Me: “Um, why?”
Lillie: “Mooooommm, I asked you for water to wash my dishes and you said no.”
Me: *Grabs more lysol wipes*

Lesson: Let your children have water to wash their dishes in their plastic play kitchen. You’re welcome.

*This post was not sponsored or affiliated with Lysol or Clorox. I wish they would stock this Mama Bear up. But for reals, I hate the smell of pee.

12 thoughts on “Lillie & The Play Kitchen”

  1. Oh my Gosh I’m dying ????!!!! That is sooooo funny. Like where else did the pee get dumped????

    1. Alex, it was hilarious! It was definitely the first story I had to share. It’s funny…Lillie, now age 11, loves that I shared such a silly story about her.

  2. Love that story. Every time I hear it I can se her saying it to you with a straight face and hands on her hips

    1. …and completely offended that I would suggest that she peed straight into it. Hahah!

  3. The things you don’t know you will get to experience as a mom….God Bless Clorox!

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