Help Me! Help Me!

This little meatball is our sweet Louie. Louie is the most adventurous (read mischievous) little munchkin to ever enter our hearts and home. He’s tiny…like could still rock a size 4t today at age 8. He’s always been tiny and because of that, is able to climb pretty much anything to get what he wants or where he needs to go. You’ll get to read lots of Louie’s shenanigans through this blog (just be patient with this busy Mama Bear), but this story is one that is for the record books.

Louie, James and Jack shared a room when Jack was a baby. Louie and James, who were both around 3 years old, slept in a bunkbed. George had just replaced the ceiling fan in their bedroom after a short stint of a game that I have dubbed ‘HOW FAR CAN THE CEILING FAN FLING THE STUFFED ANIMAL ACROSS THE ROOM?’ It’s a working title for the game…I know, it is long so maybe an acronym HFCTCFFTSAATR. I digress.

George and I had put the boys down for a nap and were enjoying some quiet time downstairs. All of the sudden, I hear a tiny voice yelling “Help Me! Help Me!” We ran upstairs to find our little meatball, holding on for dear life and slowly rotating on the brand new ceiling fan. As a parent, it was frustrating and terrifying, but as a human, it was HILARIOUS!

He still gets himself (and any accomplices that are willing to join him) into trouble almost on the daily, but that is just our sweet Lou. We wouldn’t have it any other way.

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